Barry Smith Combination Luggage Lock (Blue)

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Quick Overview

  • Metal Body
  • 3-Digit dialing
  • Set own Combination
  • Secure your belongings with this padlock
  • Easy to Use


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Barry Smith luggage lock with 3-digit combination number and resettable.

How To Use !

The original is 0-0-0 set your own combination :

1)  Pull up the shackle

2)  Rotate the shackle 90 degree counterclockwise and press shackle into hole, hold down and   continue to turn another 90 degree counterclockwise.

3) Set your own combination by turning dials to the convex line

4) Turn the shackle back as normal. Then, the setting is completed

To reset a new combination, please repeat step 1 to 4 Above.


Colour Blue
Size 3 x 1 x 6 (cm)
Weight  0.07KG
Material Tough Solid Metal Body
Product Code BSLT2033103
Feature Set your own 3-Digit Combination, Metal Body, Security of the belonging, Easy to Use



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